Why I’ll Never Go Back to Cutting My Own Grass

Oct 16, 2018 by

I used to be one of those guys who thought it was my duty to cut my grass every weekend. To be clear, I never really liked it. I have a pretty large yard, and it’s on a hill, so the process was always a struggle, particularly in the hottest parts of the summer. Did I want to spend hours coaxing my mower up and down the hill in 90-plus degree weather when I could be relaxing with my kids at the pool? No, I did not. But I thought it was just part of my job, another part of being a responsible adult in a good community.

Then the best possible thing happened to me: I developed a chronic back complaint. To be clear, the back complaint wasn’t good. It was, literally, a pain, but it provided me with the excuse to get someone else to take over the lawn for me while I spent weekends alternating between doing back exercises and resting.

Once I started getting lawn care, I realized how silly I’d been for all those years I was pulling my back pulling that mower around. To begin with, my lawn started looking a lot better. And when I expanded the lawn care to include the flowerbed, the whole property looked much better. It wasn’t just me who noticed the difference. I started getting compliments from neighbors as well. Apparently, I hadn’t been doing such a stellar job with the grass and the garden all those years. Now, I had one of those lots you see on all the real estate shows on TV.

Once my back healed, I had the time to focus on other repairs and maintenance issues I’d neglected because I put all my energy into that grass.

Basically, that backache of mine allowed me to focus on making my house into the home I wanted it to be. And the landscaping costs were far lower than I expected, making it a very small investment for the right to throw away my old mower.

So, I’m here, in essence, to recommend lawn care to my friends, neighbors, and whoever happens to chance by this post. Lawn care is affordable and it really does pay for itself in how great your property can look. Just consider some of the ways landscapers can help you. This popular company, Ware Landscaping and Snow Removal, works in my area, and they can do all the following:

  • Redesign your landscaping
  • Maintain your landscaping
  • Provide full-service lawn care
  • Provide better drainage for your yard
  • Remove some of those heavy Chicago snows
  • Provide enhancements to your landscaping

You can very quickly have an outdoor area that meets the look and feel you always dreamed of without paying nearly as much as you think you will.

I know there are a lot of people out there who were like me, who thought it was their duty to cut their grass instead of letting someone else do it. I’m here to tell you the opposite: let the experts take care of your grass. Save your time and your back. Get a landscaper.

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